Meet Ron Ball

Ron Ball was elected Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner in November 2012.

Ron Ball 2His duties are to:

Hold the Chief Constable to account for the operation and performance of the police force.

Set the budget for Warwickshire Police and the precept (the charge to be paid by council tax payers).

Listen to the public, victims of crime and local communities, including the business community and report back to them.

Appoint and where necessary dismiss the Chief Constable.

Publish, review and update the Police and Crime Plan.

Work with local councils and other statutory and non-statutory agencies including for example, Victim Support.

Engaging with Community Safety Partnerships and Neighbourhood Watch to support reductions in crime.

Fulfil his statutory role to ensure the protection of the public and in particular the safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults.

Ensure that principles of equality and recognising diversity underpin all of this work.


  1. spencer bunce · · Reply

    Following your appearance on Newsnight’s Friday edition, you still seemed prepared to defend the police officers representing the police federation,and their statements after their meeting with Andrew Mitchell and the subsequent “No case to answer” issued by three constabulary chief constables, overruled an earlier investigation that there was a “case to answer.”
    A position at the time you were oblivious of and have asked for an explanation.
    As a member of the public who has followed the plebgate issue closely, I am quickly coming to the conclusion that the position of certain officers in your police force has become untenable.

    Only time before the full facts of this murky story are fully revealed, and the police claims begin to unravel in the scheduled parliamentary committee next week.

  2. Ian Paton · · Reply

    I agree with spencer bunce – it is manifest to anyone with an OBJECTIVE eye that there was a conspiracy by federation representatives to further falsely discredit Mitchell, and then a similar exercise by their respective Chief Constables and Police Commissioners ! ” We must DENY the undeniable – we must DEFEND the indefensible ” !!! The duty of the Commissioner : ” Holding the Chief Constable to account ” – ? !!! – where is there the least evidence of THAT in this cess-pit of concerted misrepresentation, minimisation, manipulation and ‘back-covering’ – SHAME on the the LOT OF YOU/

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